Amity University Holds Yoga Session



22 June 2023


To coincide with International Yoga Day celebrations Amity University here held an elaborate Yoga Session at its university campus here. The event was organized in collaboration with Amity University Punjab NSS and Sports Saga, renowned for health and wellness events. The day was filled with excitement and numerous activities that left a lasting impression on all participants.

Sahil Kapoor, Director of Business Development Marketing, Amity University Punjab, enlightened the participants with his valuable insights on Yoga and encouraged them to embrace Yoga as an integral part of their lives, leading to a healthy lifestyle.

Students and faculty members actively participated in the Yoga session and performed several asanas, demonstrating their commitment to embracing a healthy lifestyle. The atmosphere was filled with positive energy and a shared dedication to promoting well-being.

In addition to Yoga, the event featured captivating music and dance performances by talented students. Their performances infused the crowd with joy and entertainment. To further engage the participants, a variety of fun sport and gym activities were organized, allowing them to showcase their skills and compete for exciting prizes. Free health checkup camp was also set up for the participants.

Adding an element of laughter and amusement, artist SM Gulati entertained the audience with a brilliant stand-up performance. His humor provided laughter therapy to the faculty, staff, students, and guests, creating moments of shared merriment and joy.


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