2 April 2024


Cleopatra Chain of makeovers proudly announced the gala unveiling of its new makeovers hub in the bustling locale of Peermuchalla, Zirakpur. To mark this momentous occasion, Cleopatra hosted a vibrant gala event and a Summer Makeover Soiree dedicated to showcasing the latest international hair trends. From Parisian Pixies to Tokyo Textures: Cleopatra Introduces International Hair Trends in Zirakpur

The launch event was attended by influential women from Chandigarh and surrounding social circles, joining them in this celebration were founder of Cleopatra Richa Agarwal and Beauty Expert Harveen Kathuria, who executed stunning makeovers on women of Chandigarh.

Richa Agarwal, the founder and esteemed makeover expert of Cleopatra, expressed her enthusiasm for the new venture, stating, “It’s my gift to all women who are empowered from inside out. I welcome them to Cleopatra Zirakpur with a promise to enhance their beauty from within. Our salon offers international beauty, skin, and makeover solutions that are eco-friendly, sustainable, and cutting-edge. I invite them to immerse themselves in an unparalleled realm of beauty and luxury.”informed Richa Agarwal.

The celebration exuded an atmosphere of both sophistication and laid-back charm, creating a perfect fusion of glamour and relaxation. Attendees eagerly embraced the vibrant summer vibes, immersing themselves in the excitement of the event. Among the distinguished guests were influential women hailing from Chandigarh, who eagerly delved into the latest trends in summer hair fashion.

These influential women seized the opportunity to explore an array of summer-friendly haircuts and styles, seeking inspiration for their seasonal transformations. Expert stylists were on hand to provide personalized advice and tips on how to care for their hair during the warmer months, ensuring that each attendee left armed with knowledge to maintain their locks’ health and beauty throughout the season.

Moreover, models and women from the city indulged in the opportunity to experiment with aqua-inspired looks, tapping into the refreshing and vibrant essence of summer. From oceanic hues to mermaid-inspired motifs, these aquatic aesthetics added a touch of whimsy and allure to their appearances.

In addition to hair transformations, the guests were treated to summer makeovers, allowing them to refresh their looks and embrace the spirit of the season with confidence. From sun-kissed highlights to breezy updos, each makeover reflected the carefree and radiant essence of summer style. Furthermore, these beautiful women had the chance to adorn their nails with intricate designs, further enhancing their summer chic look. Whether opting for playful patterns or elegant embellishments, these nail artistry sessions added a final flourish to their overall appearance, ensuring that they were ready to step out in style and embrace the sun-drenched days ahead.

Overall, the beautiful women of Chandigarh enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to explore and experience the latest trends in summer beauty, emerging from the event with refreshed looks and newfound inspiration to make the most of the season’s warmth and vibrancy.


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