30 March 2024


NGO ‘Parivartan’, in collaboration with the Mental Health Institute and the Department of Psychiatry at GMCH, Sector 32, honored the legacy of the late Prof. B.S Chavan, a pioneer in the field of mental health. The commemoration took shape through the “Dr. B.S Memorial Rehabilitation Program”, held here today.

Dr. A.K. Attri, Director Principal of GMCH Chandigarh, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. Dr. Priti Arun, Professor and Head of the Department of Psychiatry, as well as President of NGO Parivartan, illuminated attendees on the crucial significance of role of caregivers in mental health and the pivotal role of rehabilitation.

NGO Parivartan unveiled a compelling book ‘Resilience and Perseverance’, capturing a collection of stories steeped in the experiences and challenges faced by family members caring for individuals with mental illness. The book serves as a poignant testament to the journey of caregivers, offering profound insights into their trials and triumphs.

Guest speaker Dr. Dhanesh Gupta, a Senior Consultant Psychiatrist at the Institute of Mental Health, Singapore, and Director of the NIKSHAM foundation, engaged the audience with insights on overcoming mental health stigma and dismantling barriers. In his address, he highlighted a significant chasm between the availability of mental health treatment and the soaring demand for it. Statistics reveal that there stands merely one psychiatrist for every hundred thousand individuals and at least ten out of every hundred people experience mental health challenges at some point in their lives. Disturbingly, between 70 to 90% of those grappling with mental health issues refrain from seeking treatment, primarily due to pervasive stigma and inadequate awareness. This glaring reality underscores the imperative to bolster preventive and promotive mental health services. The session ended with an interactive exchange where attendees eagerly seek clarity on various mental health queries.

In recognition of outstanding contributions in the field of mental health and drug abuse in India, the prestigious ‘Dr. B. S Chavan Memorial Award’ was presented to the ‘Nishkam Foundation’ of Gurugram. The award, comprising a certificate and a cash prize of Rs 25,000, was a testament to their commendable efforts. Dr. Shikha Tyagi, General Secretary of Parivartan, orchestrated the successful execution of the event.


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