Sri Ganganagar

22 March 2024


Bookmark Education Services, popularly known as BM Education, proudly presents the International Education Fair-2024, a pivotal event tailored to empower and guide students towards their dreams of studying abroad.

Scheduled to take place at Hotel Prime Presidency, Sukhadiya Cir, Chowk, Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan on Saturday, March 23, 2024, starting at 10 am, this fair promises to be a gateway to a world of educational opportunities.

“The study visa seminar-cum-fair, meticulously curated by BM Education, aims to demystify the intricate process of applying for study visas in leading nations,” said Arshdeep Singh, Manager, Bathinda and Chandigarh Branch, BM Education.

With a focus on prominent destinations such as Canada, UK, Australia, and Ireland, attendees will gain invaluable insights into the entry requirements, course offerings, and recent updates pertinent to international students, informed Singh.

“Moreover, the seminar will provide essential guidance on selecting the right destination, navigating financial considerations, exploring educational loans, scholarships, and post-study options,” added Arshdeep Singh.

Talking about the benefits of the students, he said that they will have a direct engagement with representatives from top universities of Canada, UK, Australia and Ireland and will have access to scholarship options.

He said every student will get a complimentary IELTS/PTE kit. There will be a chance to win IELTS/PTE exam vouchers for 5 lucky winners. Besides, they will get guidance on post-study options for career advancement.

“The International Education Fair 2024 serves as a beacon of opportunity, guiding the young generation towards their aspirations and facilitating their journey towards academic and professional success on a global scale,” said Singh.


The International Education Fair 2024 seeks to empower students by:

  • Providing comprehensive information on study visa application procedures for leading countries.
  • Offering insights into various colleges and universities, course offerings, and recent updates.
  • Guiding students on selecting the right destination and navigating financial aspects including educational loans and scholarships.
  • Exploring post-study opportunities for career advancement.


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