6 March 2024


In a notable acknowledgment of educational excellence and leadership, Prof Atul Khosla Vice Chancellor Shoolini University, has been appointed as a member of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) Society by the Government of India.

The nomination was officially announced in a notification by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India.

As an alumnus of two of India’s premier institutions, IIT Kanpur and JBIMS, Mumbai, Prof Atul Khosla’s academic and professional journey is a blend of technical proficiency and management acumen. Prof Khosla’s nomination falls under the category of Representatives of Universities, Educational Institutions, and Departments of Journalism and Mass Communication. He joins the ranks alongside other representatives from Bengaluru North University, Symbiosis University, and Benaras Hindu University.

Chancellor Shoolini University, Prof P.K. Khosla, thanked the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting for recognising Prof Atul Khosla’s contributions in education sector.  Prof PK Khosla further said this honour not only celebrates Prof Atul Khosla’s achievements but also provides a valuable platform for him to share his global insights and expertise with the IIMC, further enriching the institute’s legacy in media and communication education.

The Indian Institute of Mass Communication, established on 17 August 1965 in Delhi, has grown to encompass five regional centers across India. Operating as an autonomous society under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, IIMC stands as a beacon of media education, shaping the next generation of communication professionals.

Prof Atul Khosla, beyond his administrative acumen as Vice Chancellor, has been an inspirational figure in educational innovation and international collaboration. His visionary leadership at Shoolini University has steered the institution towards global recognition, integrating cutting-edge research and sustainable practices into the curriculum.


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