22 June 2023


Wave Estate Mohali, an ideal destination for homebuyers & investors in North India, today organised yoga sessions for its residents at Park No. 12, Wave Estate, Mohali to commemorate the 09th International Yoga Day. The yoga sessions were conducted by the Renowned Yoga Instructors Ms Mamta Yadav and Ms Shweta Shukla.

The celebration witnessed a huge turnout of more than ~ 200 attendees. This year’s International Yoga Day celebration is centred and themed around ‘Humanity’.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. H.S. Kandhari, Managing Director, Wave Estate said, “Yoga as a physical and spiritual practice which benefits every aspect of our lives. From physical complications to mental issues, it equips us with the strength to tackle every problems.  Wave Estate believes through Yoga, we can revive the humanity that is slowly fading in our society. We are delighted with the turnout and the amount of positivity and enthusiasm it has created and I am extremely proud of residents who made this special event a huge success. We plan to continue organising more such programs in future as well”.

Both the yoga instructors have a profound experience in health and wellness. While Ms. Mamta Yadav is a meditation guru and Motivational coach apart from her expertise in Yoga, Ms. Shweta Shukla is the Managing Director of Marketing Crap & Woomania and also a meditation guru and motivational coach.

Residents practiced various pranayams and asanas under their guidance.


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