Tera Rang Chadeya: Will JD succeed in his wicked plan to exile Seerat?



7 May 2021


Zee Punjabi’s Tera Rang Chadeya’s upcoming track of the show is all set to bring much drama with an extra dose of twist and turn.

There have been many awestruck twists in this show but the upcoming episode of the storyline unfolds the conspiracy cooked by JD, to send Nikki and Harjeet out of the country and put all the blame on Seerat.

Gurmeet visits JD’s house and tells Inder that Seerat helped Harjeet get a job in London. After finding this, JD’s grandmother accuses seerat and held her responsible for the issues going on in their family and for breaking her trust.

While amid all this JD’s mother gets indulged in a heated argument with Seerat where she tells JD’s grandmother what a mistake have they made by choosing Seerat as JD’s life partner and that their relationship is a mess.

It would be interesting to see what happens next in the show and how Seerat would be able to prove her innocence and gain back the trust of the family.


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