21 November 2023


On the occasion of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, the Startups and Entrepreneurship Development Cell (SEDC) and Social Entrepreneurship, Swachhta & Rural Engagement Cell (SES REC) at Amity University Punjab joined forces to organize an insightful workshop on Digital Marketing. The Digital Marketing Workshop, held on Women Entrepreneurs Day, proved to be a resounding success, drawing together a dynamic group of aspiring women entrepreneurs eager to harness the power of digital marketing for business growth.

The event commenced with an enlightening introductory speech by Mr. Abhimanyu Goyal, shedding light on the paramount importance of digital marketing. Mr. Goyal also emphasized the trends, adaptability, and resilience displayed by women entrepreneurs over the years, attributing these qualities to their success in the business arena.

Following the introduction, an engaging presentation and interactive session were led by Dr. Hansa, Assistant Professor at Amity School of Business, who graced the occasion with her profound expertise in the field of digital marketing. Dr. Hansa provided a remarkably insightful perspective on digital marketing, delving into the methods and various tools crucial for a successful digital marketing campaign. Emphasizing the significance of a well-structured plan and strategy, she highlighted the role of social media and other marketing tools in gathering customer response insights, enabling data analysis, and promoting data-driven decision-making.

The Digital Marketing Workshop on Women Entrepreneurs Day not only equipped participants with practical skills and knowledge but also fostered a sense of empowerment and community. The event successfully celebrated the achievements of women entrepreneurs, recognizing their resilience and adaptability in the dynamic digital landscape.

The collaborative effort of SEDC and SES REC at Amity University Punjab reflects the institution’s commitment to nurturing and supporting women entrepreneurs, providing them with the tools and knowledge essential for success in the digital era.


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