It’s Now 4 years of Lok Sabha Election and People ask….



14 May 2018


The president of Chandigarh Jan Kalyan Manch and the Former Union Minister, Harmohan Dhawan while addressing a press conference today reminded the BJP leaders that on April 05, 2014, they had released the election manifesto and had made 60 promises to citizens of Chandigarh. The people gave a massive mandate to the party in the hope that the long outstanding problems will be solved.
An appraisal of the promises in the election manifesto reveals that NONE of those 60 promises have been fulfilled. It was promised that need based changes in the Housing Board houses will be regularized but instead annual penalty has been imposed on them, ownership rights will be given to all the power of attorney holders, extension and regularization of houses outside the ”LAL DORA”, conversion of lease hold to free hold but the fees was increased to 55 times, UT Employee housing schemes gathering dust, implementation of citizens charter, provision of 24 hrs water and electricity supply, Chandigarh service selection board will be established , age limit for the jobs have been raised to 37 years but job to none, metro rail project, shall reduced the collector rate, rehabilitation of the slum dwellers, contractual labour to be abolished, establishment of Film City, single window system, traffic jams and parking problems, implementation of MSME act and venders act, regularization of misuse and violations, make city drug free, international stadium and sports ground in all the sectors, establishment of Traders Welfare Board, permission to construct second floor on booths, Chandigarh will be a corruption free city, FDI in retail will not be allowed and under passes to relieve the congestion etc etc…
Dhawan further said that it is now 4 years that people had voted BJP to power with great enthusiasm but all their hopes and aspirations have been shattered. The people feel cheated and betrayed.
The local leadership had been taking various deputations to various central ministers in New Delhi to solve various problems. They had been issuing press notes and photographs to the press in self praise as if all the problems facing the people have been solved but the facts are contrary to their claims.
Dhawan said that because of the non performance of the local leaders all sections of the society residing in villages, colonies and small industrialists, businessmen, employees & the unorganized sector are totally frustrated, disgusted and feel cheated.
In the end Dhawan said that the power has gone in to the head of all the small and big leaders of BJP. The body language of these leaders’ clearly shows that they have become arrogant, egoistic and their language reflect pride and anger. They must not forget that 2019 lok Sabha elections are not too far and if they persist with their anti-people policies and attitude, the people will take the revenge and BJP can suffer a major defeat in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.


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