9 November 2021


In  another case of medical tourism a  76-year-old Bahrain resident Mohammad Yakub Gulam Ali travelled to Ludhiana to get his knees transplanted with robotic technology at Hunjan Hospital . Gulam Ali was having severe problems in his knees. He was not able to walk properly. Ali said that he came to know about Hunjan Hospital in Ludhiana as one and only in North India where knees are transplanted using robots at a very affordable price. Ali said that “One of my friends suggested that I approach Dr BS Hunjan after his mother-in-law had her knees transplanted from him and got successful results. Following which, I contacted Dr Hunjan and then after following the respective procedure I managed to get the VISA and came here to Ludhiana for treatment,”.

Dr. BS Hunjan said that the surgery in this transplant is robotic and there is no room for any error. Moreover, with robotic surgery it takes very less time for a patient to recover. He informed that  knees of the world’s number one striker company are used in the treatment.  He added that people not only from India but also from other countries  are visiting to avail world class facilities here.

I am feeling young again,” expressed 76-year-old Mohammad Yakub Gulam Ali . He said that by giving successful results, Dr BS Hunjan and Dr Jaiveer Hunjan  have earned a reputation not only within the country but across the world. “Today, around 15 days have passed after surgery and I am feeling perfectly fine,” . Ali thanked Dr BS Hunjan, his son Dr. Jaiveer Singh Hunjan and the entire team.


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