Ultimate Gym Solutions Promotes Health and Fitness with Free Seminar by Mr. Guru Mann



27 February 2024


Ultimate Gym Solutions (UGS), India’s largest equipment store, recently organized a free fitness seminar in collaboration with Mr. Guru Mann, a renowned fitness professional. The seminar aimed to educate and inspire individuals to embrace a healthier lifestyle, covering topics such as personalized workout routines and managing medical conditions through fitness and nutrition.

Mr. Guru Mann’s commitment to promoting free fitness programs aligns with UGS’s vision, showcasing the store’s dedication to improving community health. By partnering with Mr. Guru Mann, UGS is evolving into more than just a gym equipment supplier, becoming a comprehensive resource for those striving to lead healthier lives.

The seminar’s success has sparked enthusiasm and motivation within the local fitness community, setting a new standard for health and fitness promotion. UGS’s proactive approach and Mr. Guru Mann’s dedication to free fitness programs have created a powerful alliance that positively impacts individuals seeking to prioritize their health and well-being.

For more information about UGS and future initiatives, please visit www.ultimate Gym Solutions.com or visit at plot no 18-19, Industrial Area Sector 82 Mohali.


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