I am from a Punjabi Family and always loud at every occasion. As we all know how Punjabi families and people are, living to the fullest. I was always interrupted by my friends and asked to speak slowly. But how can you ask someone to just stop living the way they have lived all their life. It’s in my blood.

In fact the most interesting part came when people started linking it to my Gender. Like, “Ladkiyan itna zor se bolte hue achi nahi lagti”, “humare ghar mein toh sabhi ladkiyan dheere hi bolti hain”, “ladki toh vo hi achi lagti hai jo politely baat kare” and blah blah…..

Who made this rule that Girls can’t speak loudly? And does speaking loud means I am not polite enough? More interesting thing was when I heard people saying “Thoda dhere bol le teri awaaz humare sar (head) mein ja k lagti hai” and I was like “Khali jagaho par aksar awaaz gunjti hi hai” Haha, well that was Fun but I have never found the logic behind speaking slow.

God has made us Punjabis to be loud and fun loving and also very much angry people. How can someone ask us to change what God has created?

I have hardly heard it for my brother and Papa, they still are very much loud like me. Why? Coz they are Men? Does that give them the right to speak loudly and not to me?

Also, I am very Short tempered person. I easily get offended and at times shout like hell. I got interrupted for that also. “Ladkiyan itna gussa nahi karti hain, chillana toh bilkul bhi acha nahi lagta”, “log kya kahenge ki inki beti kitna zor se chillati rehti hai” and what not.

Well I guess being a Girl I will decide what I have to do. It’s not people who will tell me how to behave and talk and what not. I get many people message me on Facebook and Instagram and other social media platforms. Usually they are some useless creeps who just want to disturb girls and nothing else. Obviously I get offended and don’t reply with much interest or maybe rudely. Often these strangers, who don’t even know me, tell me how to behave being a Girl. They tell me not to talk to them rudely and behave sensibly with them. Sometimes I feel like laughing at these.

Society can always tell a Girl to behave politely and sensibly but can never ask boys to be in their limits. And when we ask for equality… they say Girls can never be equal to boys. My personal thinking on this is… I ask for mental equality first later anything else. I want society to make equal rules for Girls and boys and mentally boys should be taught to treat women equal. After that other things will get sorted by themselves only.

Every Girl is fighting some battle in her life; some don’t even get to share it with anyone. Some are compromising their own needs for their family and some are sacrificing their dreams for some reasons. They all want to shout and scream loudly. They want to take out what’s in them. I am one of them and want people not to tell me how to behave and live my life.

I will speak as loudly as I can, I will get rude when I feel like, I will get angry and shout at people and that too being a Girl. If anyone gonna lecture me on that again… I will shout at you also. I am a Girl and yes I shout publicly when I get offended!



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