1 February 2023


Gulabs, the Chennai-based food and beverage maker, has collaborated with more than 30 food influencers across the country. Through this partnership, they create interesting and unique recipes using at least one Gulabs product as an ingredient. 

The food influencers selected by Gulabs include housewives, food bloggers and professional recipe creators, who use social media platforms to share their knowledge and inspire others to cook at home. With their number of followers ranging from 10,000 to 2 Lakh, they are trusted for their remarkable culinary skills. Based out of Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Udupi, Noida, Delhi, Kolkata and Hyderabad, each of them brings in their expertise infusing the regional flavour while crafting these recipes. 

We are excited for this new journey to partner with these amazing food bloggers and recipe makers, wherein our customers can explore new options to try out using Gulabs products,” says Ruchika Gupta, Business Head, Gulabs.”Seeing how our products make an interesting ingredient in the cuisine preparations as demonstrated by their favourite food influencer, we are sure our customers will be able to realize the many ways Gulabs can be included in their diet for a richer and delectable experience.

Some of the food influencers who are collaborating with Gulabs are: 

The Kapoor’s Kitchen (@thekapoors_kitchen), Prachi Agarwal (@wanderlost_prachi), Swarna (@_indian_tastebuds_), Malvika Hada Kumar (@thespicystory), Nikunj Agarwal (@nikunjagarwal__), My Aromatic Lens (@myaromaticlens), FoodTokWithSherin (@foodtokwithsherin), viniscookbook (@viniscookbook), Mad Over Food (@mad.over.f00d), etc. 

At least one of the Gulabs products such as Garam Masala, Malgapodi, Rose Syrup, Thandai Syrup, Kesar Badam Syrup, Paan Syrup, Tiny Khakhras, is used as an important ingredient while making the recipes. These recipes showing the food preparation are available on their respective Instagram reels. 


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