21 June 2023


On the occasion of 9th Annual International Yoga Day, Trident Group organized Yoga sessions across its various manufacturing and office locations. The event was led by experienced yoga instructors and witnessed participation from hundreds of employees. Participants performed various yoga asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises) followed by a session on meditation techniques and the importance of incorporating Yoga in daily lifestyle.

The initiative was organized under the aegis of ‘Chairman’s Golden Heart club’ which was recently launched for transforming Trident into a ‘Great place to Perform.’ Following the philosophy of ‘Pehle Khushi, PhirKhushali’– the exclusive club comprising of over 500 employees are diligently working on setting unique industry standards for other corporates to follow.

The session was focused on educating participants on enhancing physical flexibility, relieving stress, and cultivating inner peace and harmony  by focusing on body posture, discipline in diet and mental wellness. Vrikshasan, Gau-Mukhasan, Uttanpadasana were among some asanas that were practiced. The much-appreciated session inspired participants to engage themselves in these physical practices and understand its importance to follow a sustainable work-life balance.

Trident Group has always focused on actively promoting a healthy work culture by implementing and improvising its policies as per the need of the time. With a focus on becoming a Global Brand, Trident continuously strives to enhance employee experience through newer ideas and special initiatives for the holistic development of its strong workforce.


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