27 July 2023


The city of Chandigarh witnessed a delightful musical spectacle on a pleasant Saturday as the Swar Udgam competition, an Indian classical vocal extravaganza, unfolded in all its grandeur. With 25 schools participating, the event showcased the immense musical prowess and passion of the young talents in the region.

The atmosphere at the event was nothing short of magical, as the air was filled with soulful ragas and mesmerizing rhythms. Each participant’s rendition resonated with the audience, leaving them spellbound and in awe of the remarkable vocal abilities displayed on stage.

One of the brightest stars of the evening was Likhit. A. Vishwakarma of Class 7, whose exceptional performance earned him the prestigious 3rd prize. His immaculate rendition of classical vocals left an indelible impression on the judges, and his recognition was well-deserved.

The title of 2nd runner-up was claimed by the talented Harjot of Class 5, whose enchanting voice and emotive expressions captured the hearts of everyone present. His performance showcased a perfect blend of passion and skill, making him a standout performer.

Organized as a part of the musical program, Singing Stars Season 3, by the esteemed Chandigarh Music Society, the competition served as a platform for budding artists to shine and explore the richness of Indian classical music. The event’s success was attributed to the sheer dedication and hard work displayed by the young participants, and it was a testament to the ever-growing love for Indian classical music in the region.

Mr. Rajesh Kumar, the President of the Chandigarh Music Society, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all the participating schools and talented artists for making the event a grand success. He also commended the judges for their impartiality and valuable feedback, which served as a guiding light for the aspiring musicians.

Adding to the accolades, Reekrit Serai, Managing Director, Satuj Group of Schools (Satluj Public Schools, Satluj World Schools, Little Satluj Pre-Schools) said, “We are thrilled to have such amazing talent as a part of the Satluj legacy. We are extremely proud to have been the Society, conveyed his warmest congratulations to all the winners and participants.” He stressed the importance of such competitions in nurturing the musical talents of the youth and expressed the society’s commitment to providing more such platforms in the future.

The competition was attended by an enthusiastic audience of music enthusiasts, teachers, and proud parents, who wholeheartedly supported and applauded every performer, creating an encouraging and supportive environment.

The Swar Udgam competition was a night to remember, leaving the audience awestruck and inspired by the abundance of talent on display. The event not only celebrated the rich heritage of Indian classical music but also served as a beacon of hope for the future of this priceless art form.

The Chandigarh Music Society, with its unyielding dedication, continues to foster the love for music and art in the region, ensuring that the magic of Indian classical music resonates far and wide.


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