30 June 2017

Kulbir singh kalsi

Dr. Jagat Ram, Director and Professor and Head, Department of Ophthalmology will be handing over the charge of Head of Ophthalmology Department, PGIMER, Chandigarh, to Prof. M.R. Dogra on 1st July, 2017.  It has been a long association of almost 43 years between the two stalwarts of Ophthalmology.  Over these years, both of them have relished their friendship and seen each other’s progress.  It would be appropriate to say that both are workaholic, dedicated to their profession and have always enjoyed each other’s company.  They have not only celebrated each other’s success, but also cautiously reminded each other about the future path and responsibilities.
Prof Jagat Ram joined the Institute in July, 1979 and Prof M R Dogra is also serving this Institute since January 1980 except for a brief period from 1986 to 1991 when he worked in Indira Gandhi Medical College, Shimla (1986-1989) and received training in the field of Vitreo-retina from Baltimore, USA (1989-1991).
Prof Jagat Ram and Prof M R Dogra always shared their experience and expertise with the young faculty members and encouraged them to take the different specialty at new heights.  Prof. Jagat Ram always turned up to Prof Dogra for his valuable guidance and advice.  Both owe a lot to their mentors namely Late Prof I S Jain and Prof Amod Gupta for their achievements.  Prof Jagat Ram continued the legacy of Late Prof I S Jain and Prof Amod Gupta in the Advanced Eye Centre and at present, the working environment is so cordial in the department that the faculty members are free to pursue and explore their desired specialty.  It was an honor for the Eye Department when Prof Jagat Ram was appointed as the Director of PGI by the Government of India and one can see the joy and happiness on the face of Prof Dogra.

Both have excelled in their respective specialties over these years and are world renowned specialists. Prof Jagat Ram is a world-renowned figure in the field of Phacoemulsification and Pediatric cataract surgery.  He has to his credit several surgical innovations in the field of Cataract and pediatric cataract surgery.  Similarly, Prof Dogra has the distinction in the field of Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) management in the country.  At present, he is one of the top ophthalmologists working in the area of ROP and a member of the National task force.

After taking over the charge of Head of Opthalmology Prof Dogra, will be joining an elite group of Ophthalmologists who headed the most prestigious Advanced Eye Centre.  Prof Jagat Ram has assured all support to Prof M R Dogra and Advanced Eye Centre for all their future endeavors.  Prof Jagat Ram will continue to support academics, research and patient care in the Advanced Eye Centre besides his functions as Director, PGI.


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