19 August 2023


With a steadfast dedication to advancing education through inventive digital solutions, NAVNEET  TOPTECH,  a rapidly emerging edtech company, is set on forming collaborations with over 500 CBSE and CBSE-pattern schools in Punjab by 2025. By combining digital transformation and new-age learning solutions, Navneet TopTech aims to catalyse schools to improve the teaching & learning experience for students and teachers. This endeavour is poised to redefine modern education through the introduction of TopSchool, an intelligent Learning Management System (LMS) aligned with NEP 2020 & NCF 2022. Designed to streamline administrative functions, boost teacher productivity, and elevate student learning experiences, TopSchool is positioned to spearhead a transformative shift in educational paradigms.

TopSchool, designed for CBSE & CBSE-pattern schools (grades 1-10), offers a comprehensive solution, addressing academic and managerial demands. The intelligent platform streamlines workflow for school admin, empowers teachers to effortlessly create and share content, conduct assessments, and gain valuable insights through intuitive dashboards and analytical reports. TopSchool equips teachers to create and share content, manage their classrooms, and track student progress & helps students learn more effectively by providing engaging and interactive content, as well as assessments and analytics.

Harshil Gala, CEO of NAVNEET TOPTECH, stated, At NAVNEET TOPTECH, our aim is to leveragtechnology for enhanced, engaging, and effective education. We’re dedicated to crafting learning solutions that enrich both student and teacher experiences. As a trusted eLearning partner for 4000+ schools, we’re extending our reach to onboard 500+ CBSE & CBSE-pattern schools in Punjab,  impacting  teachers  and  students  by  2025.  TopSchool,  our  smart  LMS,  goes  beyond traditional grading, offering a holistic 360° report card reflecting cognitive, affective, and psychomotor growth, along with 21st-century skills.”

Harshil Gala further elaborated during the Conclave, a pioneering event empowering educators, organised by the EdTech in Chandigarh, “The NAVNEET TOPTECH Conclave serves as an extensive platform uniting principals, educators, and esteemed panelists. This dynamic forum fosters engaging discussions, teacher training workshops, and community-building exercises, aimed at addressing key ecosystem challenges. We will be organising 50 such conclaves by Dec 2023 across tier I, II & III cities in India, establishing NAVNEET TOPTECH CONCLAVE as India’s most coveted event for educators.”

The Conclave drew participation from academicians, principals, and teachers representing CBSE & CBSE pattern schools from across Chandigarh.

An insightful panel discussion followed by an interactive workshop underscored the significance of embracing modern technology and adaptive teaching methodologies to align with the tenets of the National Education Policy 2020.


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