2 June 2019


A free workshop on ‘Stress and Pain Management’ was held at Law Bhawan here today. The workshop which was conducted at Law Bhawan in Sector 37 by Jasjeet Suri, a motivational speaker, a writer and a marine engineer by profession.

The workshop was organised by Jasjot Singh Almast, President, Society for Divine Reiki Meditation, an NGO and founder of ‘Being Almast’-Blissful living, a proven healing method designed for modern times. While this was first of its kind workshop, more such workshops will be organised in the region.

Jasjeet Suri started the session by sharing his encounter with stress and how it had affected his health many back years. It had made him take a break from his hectic professional life. He had used that time to explore what stress really is and how it affects our body.

To help us choose the best course of action, he shared the key areas to work on for stress management. Picking out live examples from our daily life, he elaborated how to effectively use each key area.

He emphasized that to gain maximum from any learning, three steps are very essential: Knowing, Doing and Repeating. Sadly, we focus more on knowing, on collecting knowledge, which just becomes a burden for us. He too had been doing that all his life. His main aim of designing this tool was to be able to easily convert this knowledge into a daily / regular practice.

Suri said, it’s important to shift focus from I to We, take one step at a time, while there should be place for forgiveness, gratitude, acceptance and prayer in life. He concluded the session by sharing some acupressure points which everyone can use to calm the mind and improve their health.

The workshop was supported by Surinder Bahga of Saakaar Foundation. He said in today’s era, everybody is full of stress and pain but nobody exactly knows how to manage it or how to reduce it. Today’s workshop was aimed at making people learn how to manage stress. We intend to do such workshops in future as well to make a healthy society.

Guests of Honour on the occasion were Davesh Moudgil, ex-Mayor Chandigarh,  Gurpreet Singh, MLA, Bassi Pathana, Karamjeet Singh, Registrar, Panjab University, and Jaswinder Singh, President, Art of Healing Society, Patiala and Arti Rana, President, Samarthan Social Welfare Society.


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