22 December 2021


The pandemic caused by the coronavirus is a wake-up call for humanity. It serves as a stark reminder that, despite our technical advancements, mankind is still subject to global disasters and the will of the almighty. A contender named Sarabjeet Singh, also known as ‘Vela Bobby,’ recounted his life experience and the tale of how he began his social duty for the purpose of mankind on Zee Punjabi’s ‘Punjabiyan di Dadagiri’, a quiz show hosted by celebrity cricketer Harbhajan Singh Bhajji

In the upcoming episode, we will see a heartfelt story of a commoner who has been working for years to improve and assist the underprivileged people of Himachal Pradesh. This decent samaritan volunteered to drive a dead corpse van for the impoverished at a period when even hired drivers were hesitant to do so. Sarabjeet Singh has also organized food for patients and the families coming for treatment at the only cancer hospital in Himachal Pradesh. 

When asked by Harbhajan Singh, the show host how he managed to do so, “I used to collect extra ‘Roti’ brought by students from their home in their lunchbox. And sometimes when a student forgets to bring one they used to donate their whole lunchbox so that they can be part of this ‘langar’”, says Sarabjeet Singh ‘vela’. He truly proves himself to be the true epitome of humanity and a living legend who’s been working for the sake of humankind without expecting any reward.


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