Narayan Seva Sansthan’s Divyang Talent Show on July 23 in Chandigarh



21 July 2023


Udaipur (Rajasthan) based nationwide NGO – Narayan Seva Sansthan (NSS), which has been committed for the past 38 years in the rehabilitation and upliftment of the disabled, will showcase a ‘Divya Heroes – Divyang Talent & Fashion Show’ of disabled artists followed by Danveer Sanmman Samaroh from 5 pm onwards on July 23 at Tagore Theater, Sector 18.

While addressing a press conference organized at Chandigarh Press Club, Sector 27, Bhagwan Prasad Gaur, Public Relations Officer, Narayan Seva Sansthan (NSS) said that NSS organizes such shows in India and abroad with the aim to serve as a platform for disabled talents. This is an attempt to convey a message to the society that we should have the ability to recognize our strengths and these disabled are no less than anyone.

In this talent and fashion show, around forty ‘Divya Heroes’ will exhibit their phenomenal talent and perform amazing stunts like Mallakhamb, stunt on wheelchair and ramp walk along with dance performances on several patriotic songs. This is the first event being organized by NSS in Chandigarh and the organizers are very excited about it. During the program, the audience and the donors of the institute will get to see a special energy and motivational show. All these artists were specially invited from Udaipur who have been trained by the institute itself. Some disabled have been operated at Udaipur, while some have not been shown the way to live through artificial limbs, calipers and other assistive devices. In order to celebrate the happiness that has come in life with the help of the institute, these disabled exhibit their talent through such platforms in different cities of the country and even overseas.

 Patron of the NSS, Priya Jain said that Divya Heroes 2023 will have ten rounds during the event in which heroes like Kamlesh Patel, Yogesh Prajapati, Palak and Shubham will enthrall audiences with their mesmerizing performances. NSS’s President Prashant Agarwal will honor the donors from Chandigarh in Marwari tradition for their dedication during the function. While appealing to the local people and members of institutions to be a part of the event, he said that this event would go a long way in changing the attitude of the society towards the differently-abled.

 It is mentionworthy that the founder Kailash Manav has been honored with the Padamshree and several national awards in the individual category for his excellent work in the field of disability. About 4.5 lakh disabled people have been operated free of cost by the institute, while more than 40,000 disabled people have been empowered with artificial legs. Narayan Divyang Sports Academy is being operated along with medical, skill development, mass marriages to bring these disabled people into the mainstream of the society. The convener of this show will be Narendra Singh Chauhan.


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