30 October 2023


Chahal Teleservices, the company behind My True Bank, has launched its innovative My True Bank Android App, aimed at enhancing the digital customer acquisition process and improving the banking experience. This app marks My True Bank’s entry into the digital banking space, positioning it as a strong competitor alongside traditional giants like HDFC and ICICI.

The My True Bank Android App caters to evolving customer needs by providing a secure and user-friendly digital banking experience. Users can easily access their accounts, conduct transactions, and manage their finances on their mobile devices, making banking more convenient.

What sets this app apart is its strong focus on security. It incorporates advanced encryption and multi-factor authentication to protect customers’ financial information 24/7, instilling trust in My True Bank.

To improve customer engagement, Chahal Teleservices has partnered with Interkat, a leader in customer interaction solutions, to make the digital banking experience even more convenient and efficient.

With the world embracing digital transformation, My True Bank is at the forefront, providing access to advanced banking technology. The My True Bank Android App is now available for download, offering a secure and obstacle-free financial journey.

My True Bank’s Android App is set to become a major player in the Indian banking sector, offering a reliable, secure, and convenient way to manage finances. It’s time to embrace the future of banking with My True Bank and enjoy a hassle-free and secure journey.


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