Ratesh Gupta-India’s leading Numerologist – Changing Lives with Numbers


13 April 2022


City Based Astro- Numerologist, Ratesh Gupta has been recognized for his remarkable contribution in the field of Astro- Numerology,  during Business & Service Excellence Awards, Punjab 2021- 2022 by 94.3 MY FM. With over 6 years of experience,  he’s go to  Astro-Numerologist  to many Bollywood celebrities,  ministers,  entrepreneurs, and others across the globe.  He is also a Filmmaker, Business Consultant and is fully dedicated towards occult . He has clientele all over the world and people admire him for his hard work,  dedication, and sincerity.

Ratesh believes that everyone can be in control of their destiny and can change any situation with suitable choices. He has always lived by choice and his mantra is- “The future is dynamic and depends on the choices one makes”. He offers esoteric solutions to transforming one’s fortune and has successfully impacted the lives of thousands by being a psychic medium. In some cases, with just a ‘name correction’ as per numerology, his clients have witnessed magic in their lives.


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