7 May 2017


In continuation of human endeavor, Aryans Institute of Nursing (AIN), Chandigarh today organized a free dental checkup and awareness camp at its campus.  A team of Senior Specialist Dental Surgeons including Dr. Shiffali and Dr. Vijita Mehta and para-medical staff carried out a comprehensive dental checkup of ANM, GNM students.

The camp was initiated with dental awareness talk, educating students about common dental ailments, especially stressing on tooth decay and gum diseases and preventive measures.  The students were highlighted about the eating patterns and food choices which cause tooth decay.

Dr. Shiffali while highlighting tooth decays told about the possible formation of harmful acid which develops when bacteria (plaque) get in contact with sugar in the mouth which ultimately results in tooth decay.   “Added sugars often are present in soft drinks, candies, cookies, pastries and therefore to help control the consumption of sugar one must read the food labels and choose the right foods and beverages that are low in added sugar”, she added.

Shiffali further said that the modern eating habits are one of the biggest reasons for dental problems. If we regularly visit our dentist and follow good eating habits we can avoid oral problems. But in modern hectic life we are least bothered about our oral care and that contributes to our oral problems.

Dr Vijita Mehta while demonstrating explained in detail the procedure and techniques of oral care. She briefed the gathering about techniques of brushing. “We need to brush twice a day – after breakfast and after dinner for better dental care”, added Dr Mehta.



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