Vivek High School students present musical adaptation of ‘Wizard of Oz’



17 March 2024


As part of their Annual Production, Grade 3 students of Vivek High School Mohali, showcased the musical adaptation of the original book ‘The Wizard of Oz’ in the Vivek High School, Chandigarh auditorium. The ‘Wizard of Oz’ is a children’s book written in 1900 by L. Frank Baum.

The students’ immaculately presented the exciting story of Tornadoes, Munchkins, witches and wizards, a yellow brick road and an Emerald City of Oz, where anything can happen and a huge amount does, most of it involving a little girl called Dorothy, her dear dog Toto, her three unforgettable companions – the scarecrow, the tin woodman and the lion – and the very wicked witch.

The Director, Vikramjeet Singh Mamik congratulated the characters and shared that the most important thing was that the performers and the audience enjoyed the experience – from start to finish.

The lavish production, featuring magical special effects, dazzling choreography and the classic songs kept the audience captivated as Dorothy and Toto travelled down the Yellow Brick Road and beyond with the characters to reach the Emerald city.

The Principal Harbina Randhawa, shared that the magic of the story was delivered perfectly by the characters Dorothy and Toto’s adventures in the Land of Oz.

The production comprised songs, reprises and lots of incidental music for scene transitions which were delivered perfectly by the melodious choir.

Meenakshi Madaan, the Head of Junior school praised the performance of the children and shared that it was inspiring to see the children at such a tender age of only 8 years were able to express a certain level of commitment and dedication to what they did.

The costumes for the play were deliberately designed keeping in mind the thought that they were weaving emotions into fabric, as every colour choice whispered the story. The production was truly successful as the audience were captivated throughout the three hours show by the 98 students who presented the ensemble.


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