3 April 2018


There is no doubt in saying that the Punjabi film industry had started doing new experiments from last few years. Punjabi Cinema has given great hits made on various issues. One such movie with a very unique idea which is different from the main stream movies is brought to you by Parul Katiyal films and Red Castle Motion pictures.

Today in a press conference held at Press Club Chandigarh, the announcement of the new upcoming movie Vadda Kalakar was made. At the time of the announcement, the director of the movie Mr Kuldeep Kaushoik and the famous Punjabi Singer and actor, Alfaaz is making his comeback with this movie and this will be the debut movie of Rupi Gill who got fame from the song Diamond.

On the occasion, the very famous Bollywood add maker and the director of this movie Mr Kuldeep Kaushik, who has worked with Anurag Basu, told that this will be focusing on the 90s culture, the time when the use of VCRs was at its peak.The main character (Alfaaz) of the movie gets inspired by the film industryand he wishes gto become a hero, but he has to go through many frauds during his struggle to become an actor. His struggle is filled with innumerable interesting incidents that will entertain the audience. The scenes of this movie will provide an essence of the old Punjabi culture of love, brotherhood and friendship amongst the old people. The Producer of the movie Mr Satish Kautiyal says that this movie is a blend of Romance, comedy and family relations and its depiction in the modern cinema will make today’s youth of Punjab, know more about the old Pujabi cullture and will also connect them to it.

At the conference, the entire team of the movie Rupi Gill, Jassi Kaur, Alfaaz, Yograj Singh, B N Sharma, Prince A J, Rajan were present. Yograj Singh said that the Punjabi Cinema has reached great heights and depending upon the demands of the audience the Punjabi Cinema has brought many changes and this movie will also bring something new for the audience. B N Sharma also said that he used to do comic roles but his character in this movie is totally different. Rupi Gill said that she is happy that she has got an opportunity to work with such great legends of the Punjabi Cinema in his debut movie only.


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