The Narrators organises Theatre workshop



22 April 2023


The Narrators Performing Arts Society in association with the Alliance Francaise, Chandigarh organised a Physical Theatre Workshop and Performance . It was curated, directed and conducted by Nisha Luthra, Founder and Director of The Narrators Performing Arts Society.

Conducted at the Cafe Theatre of Alliance Francaise, the 80 minutes event consisted of 15 minutes of performance and 65 minutes of workshop. The performance started with the recitation of English and French poetry written by an Irish Poet, Emer Davis and translated in French by Jeane. It was performed by Sahaya Jeevan who depicted a story of unrequited love in five musical acts through movement on well curated Turkish tones.

Nisha Luthra said, “We tried to present a playful and immersive narrative through movement, dance and music.”

The workshop focussed on correct breathing patterns, mind-body-soul connections, connecting to the inner child performer, first impressions, telling a story without a dialogue, mindfulness and being present, understanding the Wabi-Sabi philosophy, physical movement, mental stability, working on focus and concentration, taming the monkey mind and much more. All the elements were covered through interesting activities and easy-to-do exercises that motivated the participants to exercise specific techniques for physical and mental healing.

According to Luthra, “Cathartic mental healing is the need of the hour. Watching a relatable thematic performance heals but also by actively involving the audience with the fun exercises and activities makes a lot of difference in our day to day life. If followed in routine, this can bring about more peace and harmony in people in their personal as well as professional lives.”

All the participants enthusiastically expressed their gratitude for such an initiative taken by The Narrators Performing Arts Society to cater to the innate need of seeking peace and harmony within and in surroundings for the people of tricity .


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