26 October 2023


Lily Swarn, the International Beat Poet Laureate for India in 2023-2024 and recipient of the prestigious Caesar Vallejo Award for literary excellence by UHE, is making waves once again with her latest book release, ‘The Divine Dialect of Flowers.’ This internationally acclaimed and multilingual poet, author, and columnist, known for her vast literary achievements, brings a fresh bouquet of poems and reflections to her readers.

In a touching tribute, Lily Swarn has dedicated this book to her beloved husband, Col S S Swarn, a constant source of support and inspiration throughout her literary journey. The book was released here today at a launch function by Chandigarh Literary Society.

The Chief Guest on the occasion was Dr. Sumita Misra, IAS, Chairperson, Chandigarh Literary Society and Additional Chief Secretary, Haryana. A.S. Rai, IPS, ADGP and Vivek Atray, ex-IAS, author and motivational speaker, were the Guest of Honour. Dr. Upneet Lalli was in conversation with the author.

With a remarkable history of achievements, including being a gold medalist, university color holder, radio show host, and a Peace and Humanity Ambassador, Lily Swarn is a true luminary in the world of literature. Her previous works, such as ‘History on my Plate’ and ‘Rippling Moonbeams,’ have received critical acclaim, with the latter even winning the Chandigarh Sahitya Akademi Award for the Best Book of the Year.

Lily Swarn’s literary prowess has earned her over 70 national and international awards, a testament to her exceptional talent and dedication to the art of poetry. Her work has transcended borders, as her poetry has been translated into 21 languages, making her a globally recognized poet.

The Language of Blooms

In her latest book, ‘The Divine Dialect of Flowers,’ Lily Swarn delves into the world of nature, drawing inspiration from the beauty and symbolism of flowers. Her deep connection with nature and her ability to find profound meaning in its elements are evident in her writings. The book features a collection of poems that reflect the rich tapestry of life through the lens of different flowers. Each poem is a unique and enchanting exploration of the diverse array of emotions and experiences that flowers can symbolize.

In her author’s note, Lily Swarn shares her personal journey of discovering the profound teachings of flowers. Drawing inspiration from her own life experiences and observations, she emphasizes the virtues that flowers can teach us, such as gentleness, generosity, and openness. Flowers are seen as role models in embracing all influences, just as they unfurl their petals to both sunlight and wind, all while radiating happiness. She highlights how flowers are a universal language, revealing their innermost selves to everyone without bias or preference.

The collection of poems in ‘The Divine Dialect of Flowers’ captures the beauty, diversity, and symbolism of these enchanting wonders of nature. Each poem is an evocative journey through landscapes adorned with different flowers, such as the blood-red Easter lilies, wild pink and lilac cosmos, daisies in Dalhousie, and tulips in Kashmir. The book paints vivid imagery of flowers thriving in various settings, from serene pools adorned with water lilies to the cactus blooms of Texas.

The book also delves into the language of flowers, known as Hanakatoba in Japanese culture, which uses specific flower arrangements for cryptological communication. Whether expressing love with red roses on Valentine’s Day or offering condolences with gladioli, there is a rich lexicon of flower symbolism that Lily Swarn explores.

A Trailblazing Journey

As the book is launched, Lily Swarn expresses her gratitude to all those who have supported her on her literary journey, from her publisher Sudarshan Kcherry to renowned literary personalities who have provided their valuable insights. With ‘The Divine Dialect of Flowers,’ Lily Swarn continues to enchant readers with her evocative and inspiring poetry. 

Renowned figures from the literary world, as well as admirers from all walks of life, have come together to celebrate Lily Swarn’s exceptional writings and her latest book. Their heartfelt testimonials speak volumes about the profound impact her words have had on readers worldwide.

The book has been hailed as a masterpiece by Ron Whitehead, Lifetime Beat Poet Laureate USA. Portuguese artist and poet Isilda Nunes says, ”A space-time traveller, she creates bridges between those etheric landings, where archetypes and myths reside, and the realities of her own existence.“


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