1 December 2022


RK Gupta, former Executive Director, Bank of Maharashtra, stressed the need for strengthening the governance of banking institutions as well as increasing the accountability of auditors to bring more transparency.

Gupta, who delivered a special lecture on ‘Corporate Finance’ for PGDM students in the Seminar Hall at PML SD Business School, Chandigarh, said: “The governance of banking is of paramount importance along with the increased accountability of auditors to bring in more transparency.”

In his address, Gupta also gave various valuable tips to PGDM students as to how they can be more vigilant and thwart cyber security threats. “Cyber security is emerging as a serious challenge to economic stability across the globe. You need to equip yourself accordingly to deal with cyber challenges,” he said.

During the Expert Session, Gupta delved deep into the concept of corporate finance in the context of the banking sector. He also explained how banking professionals analyse various types of ratios while assessing the loans. Prof Susheel Chhabra delivered the welcome address and Prof Richa Sharma proposed the vote of thanks.


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