1 October 2019


A renowned Filipino artist, Anna Karina Jardin from the Philippines painted a 100 feet long wall on the theme of “Living in Harmony with Nature” along with the enthusiastic students at Carmel Convent School, Sector 9 here. Anna Karina Jardin, whose first visit in India came to attend the 14th Youth Global Peace Fest (GYPF) 2019 on 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

While speaking on the occasion, Anna told, “Art is my first love and you cannot get separated from your first love. For me art is a way of life and it’s the best way of expression, which helps to connect different people and communities. What I loved the most about Indian art is that it’s very religious and depicts its rich culture and heritage and the same Philippines art as well.”

Talking about her art Anna told thatbeing a Catholic her art is very inspired by Christianity and the sacred picture mother Marry and Jesus picture. “My art majorly revolves around the women and children, which give me the emotional & positive vibe”, she added.

 “I used to be a shy and introvert kid but once when I started painting it gave me confidence and feel that I have something to share with others. I am privileged that I have got the opportunity to do the workshop with these wonderful kids, who have the same the passion & vision that I have towards nature, harmony and peace”, she added.

She emphasized that nowadays youngsters spend most of their time browsing social media, which affected new generation mentally and physically. In this situation art can work as an interrupter, it can help us to regain their self-confidence and can work as healing.

Anna has put up more than 30 murals across Asia, ran over a hundred of art programs and creatively impacted at least more than 10,000 people of various backgrounds specially children and youth across Asia through art.

As an artist, she had various shows across the region. She also expressed her deep gratitude to organiser Pramod Sharma, who gave her a wonderful opportunity to come to India to attend the 14 Global Youth Peace Fest GYPF, 2019.

Jardin further told that she believes that working with people from different walks of life would sharpen her skills and knowledge not only in her field of study but in life also. She values the hard work of her parents and the worth of dreams and lessons learned from her mentors both in the field of arts and in business.


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