Heart problems can be avoided with healthy food habits: Dr. Malini Dahiya, Dietitian



1 October 2019


Cardiovascular disease is the world’s number one killer today. It is a collective term for diseases that affect or include heart and blood vessels. The most common types of cardiovascular diseases are stroke, heart failure and coronary artery disease.

Dietician Dr Malini Dahiya, while speaking on the occasion of the World Heart Day, said that “right kind of diet can certainly reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. This can be achieved by making three simple changes in the diet: increase omega-3 intake by eating more fish, limit saturated fat and choose more polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat. Increasing the fibre intake also helps.”

Fish is extremely high in omega-3 which is one type of good fat that can help to improve heart health. Oily fish such as Sardines and Salmon contain more omega-3 and will therefore be better for the heart.

She further said, “It is also important to note that canned, fresh and frozen fish all contain similar amounts of omega-3. Aim to have fish at least twice a week to help increase your omega-3 intake.

Foods that contain saturated fats include full fat dairy, pastries, butter, coconut oil and the skin on chicken. It is always beneficial to choose skim milk, remove the skin from chicken and limit the amount of butter you spread on bread and use in cooking to improve cardiovascular health.


  1. These days these PR people publish and edit articles without any knowledge about the issue being discussed. For instance, recently i wrote an article about heart health, and my PR editted all the parts which I felt were important and only emphasised on consuming fish to promote heart health. As well all know, navratri is going on and many people abstain from eating non-veg during these days. Therefore, the whole purpose and essence of the article was lost. I apologise to all my readers and will ensure that future articles are more helpful for everyone and also keep in mind the sentiments of the readers


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