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11 April 2020


As you all are aware that due to COVID 19 Pandemic our college is closed for the time being as per the directions of the Chandigarh Administration. But this doesn’t mean that teaching learning has come to a halt. In the light of present scenario, the faculty members of P.G. Government College for Girls, Sector-11, Chandigarh, are making every effort to reach out to the students through digital means like ; emails, WhatsApp, Google Classrooms, Youtube, Slideshare, mobile, etc.

Our dedicated faculty is ensuring that the students are given adequate learning opportunities under the present situation through digital means. In this regard the college faculty has undertaken mammoth task of developing audio/video lectures on the topics drawn from syllabi of all the classes of UG/PG courses offered by our institution which were pending before the lockdown. More than 175 such audio/video lectures have been developed and hosted till date and the process will continue in coming days as well.

The links for downloading of audio/video lectures prepared by our faculty is available at the college website
The faculty is constantly in touch with the students and have been engaging them by giving assignments, practice tests, study material relevant for their courses. The progress of the students is being monitored and all possible assistance and guidance is provided through messages, emails, Google Classrooms, mobile calls, etc.

Not only they are provided study material but are also being informed about the Government advisories regarding precautions and preventions from COVID 19 CORONA Virus. Our college NSS cell is actively engaged in spreading such awareness through digital means. Two of our college faculty members who are also NSS Programme Officers, namely Dr. Manoj Kumar and Dr. Anoop Kumar are giving their valuable service to the society being part of Chandigarh Administrations team of officer ensuring uninterrupted supply of medicines, fruits &vegetables and grocery items to the Chandigarh residents. Prof. Pardeep Singh Walia was trained as Master Trainer to impart basic training regarding prevention of CORONA Virus and he made information module which was shared with all the teaching and non-teaching members of staff of the college in addition to students.


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