18 September 2022


BERGNER, India’s premiere cookware and appliances brand , launched  its new and revolutionary  Pura line of  Pressure Cooker  at Chandigarh ,with Chef Vikas Khanna .

Master of culinary arts, Michelin Star Chef Vikas Khanna launched the newest line of Bergner’s pressure cooker at Chandigarh, a city close to his heart and hometown. Apart from being the brand’s ambassador, the internationally acclaimed Indian chef teamed up with Bergner for the launch of the revolutionary Pura line of pressure cookers. Chef Vikas Khanna introduced the Pura UnPressure cooker by Bergner to the market at Vijay Store, SCF No. 8, Sector 20C, Chandigarh here today.

The Pura UnPressure cooker by the leading cookware brand Bergner is made of 304 high grade stainless steel body with a triply bottom .The name UnPressure cooker comes from the inherent feature of hassle free cooking. It is highly durable as the bottom has 2 layers of toxin-free stainless steel with a pure aluminium core in between. It ensures that heat is evenly distributed which, in turn, leads to efficient fuel consumption. This UnPressure cooker by Bergner is every chef and homemaker’s dream come true in terms of quality of product and cooking. It has an induction friendly magnetic stainless-steel exterior and a unique food grade silicone gasket, which lasts longer. The Pura range of pressure cookers has a high quality safety valve and a conventional whistling system along with ergonomic handles i.e., it is heat resistant which makes it easier to hold.

Speaking about associating with Bergner for the Pura UnPressure cooker, Chef Vikas Khanna said, “From the first usage itself, I realized that Pura UnPressure cooker has an unparalleled quality. As a chef, I aim to cook healthy and quality food in little time which means that my cookware has to be top notch. Pura UnPressure cooker by Bergner is every chef’s dream. It not only makes cooking healthy but also fun and hassle-free. I’m so excited for this launch because this cooker will bring the best quality to each and every home. I’m thrilled to be associated with a brand like Bergner that aims to provide the best kitchen experience to consumers and I look forward to more revolutionary cookware product launches.”

Bergner CEO Aruni Mishra says “Pura line of pressure cookers is one of the most hassle-free range of pressure cookers available in India. This product will revolutionize the pressure cooker market in India.”

Established in 1999, Bergner is an ever-evolving comprehensive kitchenware solutions brand for consumers across the world. Bergner thrives to provide the best homeware and cookware products to consumers by collaborating cutting-edge technology with functional design without compromising on quality. This leading cookware brand has been improving kitchen experiences of consumers in over 85 countries for over 20 years.


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