13 November 2023


Shree Shyam Karuna Foundation organised the 86th ‘Bhandara’ , or community kitchen, at Industrial Area Phase 1 on the occasion of ‘Govardhan Puja’. The ‘Bhandara’ was presided over by the social worker and founder of Shree Shyam Karuna Foundation, Amitabh Rungta.
Along with Amitabh Rungta, Anupama Rungta, Chaitanya Rungta, Pragati Rungta, Deepali Rungta, Sukhpal Singh, Suresh Jangra, Nidhi Sandhu, Ajay Sen, Sonam, Sushant, Ganesh, Raju, Amar, Sunil, Seema Avdesh and others were present in this ‘Bhandara’, and they extended their support to it.
On this occasion, Amitabh Rungta shared his views on ‘Govardhan Puja’, threw light on its importance and made people aware of the importance of distributing  food on this auspicious occasion. Rungta said 

that every festival of the Hindus is related to God. The festivals apart from underlining the importance of worshiping God, inspire people to do something for the welfare of human-kind.


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