22 August 2019


The residents of Nayagaon, Karoran and Nada villages, whose areas have been left out from the municipal limits of municipal council Nayagaon, today made a fervent appeal to the Mr Brahm Mohindra, Cabinet Minister Local Government, Punjab, for including these villages in Municipal Council areas of Nayagaon in order to mitigate the miserly civic amenities they were getting in their respective areas.

Delegation led by President Nagar Panchayat Baljinder Kaur, Sarpanch Gram Panchayat Karoran Pradeep Kaur, Councilor Nayagoan Gurbachan Singh, Kesar Singh, Dilbagh Singh, Iqbal Singh and Rampyari met the Minister and apprised him of problems residents of the left out areas were facing.

Baljinder Kaur stated that the area is located within 500 meters of the prestigious institutions Punjab and Haryana High Court and Punjab Vidhan Sabha and Haryana Vidhan Sabha. Besides this the residence of Chief Minister Punjab is hardly 100 footsteps away from these villages.

“Despite having such prominent neighbourhood, we have been reduced to mere slum neighbours,” they said. People apprised Brahm Mohindra that the original residents of these villages are facing adverse impact of ill planned and haphazard constructions. In absence of basic amenities like sewerage, storm drainage, roads, etc, these villages have turned into open slums.

Residents requested Minister to order inclusion of left out area of these three villages into Municipal Limits of Nagar Council Nayagaon so that at least these areas can witness planned construction activities. Area residents said that they were forced to live on the other side of fence without any mistake of theirs. “Though we are nearest to Chandigarh, but the kind of deplorable conditions we are living in, has turned area areas into slum bastis,” they said.

They added that inclusion of villages under municipal body will help in turning around their lives for betterment and help them live in dignified manner complete with all kinds of civic amenities.


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