Doctor at Fortis Hospital Mohali addresses how to protect one’s heart this winter



15 December 2017


A talk was held for the Mohali Senior Citizens Association Members at Fortis Hospital Mohali today.  Dr Arun Kochar, Senior interventional cardiologist at Fortis Hospital, Mohali informed the members about perils of heart patients during winters. “There is an increased risk of heart disease in the winter months and it has been seen that as the cold wave ushers in, the number of patients getting admitted in the hospital due to heart attacks, heart failure and strokes also increase.” Dr. Arun Kochar said.

“There are patients who are at increased risk of these ailments but are not aware of the perils.  They may carry on with their activities leading to major catastrophe because not adopting preventive measures,”Dr.  Kochar added.

He continued, “There are many causes of the same but primarily a mismatch between blood supply to the heart and excessive demand for the heart to work more during winter months are to be blamed. There is also a trend towards excessive consumption of high energy foods like piinias, guzuk and calories rich dairy products.  Not to mention alcohol overconsumption leading to at times wrong perception of chilly weather leading to hear attacks. Sometimes the dress code is not appropriate to the cold weather leading to narrowing of heart and brain arteries and causing problems.”

It is important to wake up to the danger of this preventable malady.  Following steps were suggested by Dr. Arun Kochar to overcome the dangers.

1.     Dress in layers with adequate woolen clothing.

2.     Keep your home warm and we’ll protected from winters chilly winds

3.     Keep a stack of your heart medications and be more punctual in their intake during these months. 

4.     Elderly and the frail patients should be more careful.

5.     Avoid excessive alcohol.  It may make you feel warm but the body may get exposed to the cold weather leading to catastrophe.

6.     Take a balanced meal and avoid high calorific foods. 

7.     It is also important to maintain good hygiene by taking warm baths.

8.     Don’t over exert yourself.  Postpone that morning walk to mid-afternoon and exercise at home or in the warmth of a gym.

9.     Wash hands properly and adequately.  Winter flu infections may lead to heart problems.  When you have fever or sore throat, contact your doctor immediately.

Heart disease is number one killer of mankind across the globe, albeit with geographical and racial inconsistency. People of Indian ethnicity have the highest rates of heart attack in the world.   According to new research, India could account for 60 per cent of heart disease cases worldwide in coming years. 


“There is also a seasonal and diurnal variation of heart attacks.  It is more common in winter months, in the mornings and on Mondays. So be extra careful on chilly December Monday morning”, he concluded.

Heart attack is a preventable disease however enhanced vigilance and early measures are key to avoid this potentially threatening deadly disease.


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