Case using Amateur Karate Association of Chandigarh’s registered  name illegally



3 February 2024


Officials of the Amateur Karate Association of Chandigarh alleged that  their Association’s name is being misused by some anti-social elements to malign the image of the organisation and the sport to deceive the people. Hanish Yadav said that his organization is recognized by the Karate India Organization, Asia Karate Federation, Commonwealth Karate Federation and World Karate Federation. He further alleged that due to the negligence of the sports department and it’s patronage towards the imposters without verifying the documentation has made the situation even more serious and disturbing.  He also stated that till date his federation has not organized any program in the name of the Amateur Karate Association of Chandigarh in any sports complex. He added that the association is investigating the matter on its own and is trying to find out who is behind the bogus organization who is organizing the program, so that appropriate legal action could be taken against the culprits.  He said that the association is currently compiling whatever legal documents are available in the matter.

The officials said that despite being a Taekwondo coach, Mansaram has been organizing events related to karate sports illegally and is misleading the sports department by mentioning bogus affiliations on the letter head by our name. He added that their organisation has not submitted any letter to the disaffiliated Karate Association of India for the last 3 years and the culprits are using their letter head illegally. 

He further added that recognition of the Karate Association of India has been mentioned on the letter despite not having any membership of the same.  He said that this illegal event should be canceled immediately, so that the players of Chandigarh can be included on the national level.  He said that it has also come to our notice that a similar event was organized by the same people in the name of Tricity on December 3, 2023 at Sports Complex, Sector 56, for which our organization will take appropriate legal action against these people besides writing to the Sports department to take appropriate action against them for availing government facilities by misleading them. He appealed to the department to take strict action against the culprits. He concluded that a meeting of all the officials will soon be organised and further plan of action in this regard would be discussed in the meeting.


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