Govt should return Rs 1500 crore to private schools: Kulbhushan Sharma



1 April 2022


On the abolition of 134A, the National President of NISA Kulbhushan Sharma said that we have never opposed 134A and the admission of poor children into private schools. Our contrast has always been about the process of eligible students for this and the process related to its payment. Ever since the government implemented it, the government kept avoiding compliance with the law and violating the rules. 

Due to which the contrast of private schools increased, he said that we have also filed many cases in the High Court regarding the payment and selection process and the  High Court has also ordered the government to pay accordingly under Section  12 (1) (C) of the Right to Education Act in a NISA member school Adarsh Senior Secondary V/S Haryana Government.  But the government did not comply with them too, for which the contempt of Court is also filed in the High Court. 

The NISA President said that according to the rules, about 1500 crore rupees of private schools are still due to the government and NISA will get it cleared by the government as per the rules.

Mr. Sharma said that the government should deposit the DBD of the children directly in their accounts. Regarding the Punjab Government’s ban on private schools fees increase, he said that such a decision should not have been taken suddenly. The opinion of all the stakeholders should had been taken before taking such a big decision. NISA will oppose this decision.

Mr Sharma said that 75000 students who are studying under 134A in 8th class, what will happen to them after the end of 134-A, the government should clarify in writing and pay them according to 12(1) (C) and issue an order for the payment of about 25000 students those who are studying from 9th class to 12 class under 134-A. 

He also said that before fixing the amount as per 12(1)(c), the government should declare how much per student is being spent on government schools and issue its notification, otherwise the dispute of 134-A will not end. 

Dr. Kulbhushan Sharma said that the government is issuing letters to close the unrecognized schools from April 1 and pressurizing such schools, which is absolutely unfair, the government should sit and discuss it with the private schools and find a solution for the education going on for years. Closing the temples of education is not the solution, it will make the education of private schools very expensive for poor parents and unemployment will also increase in Haryana. 

Speaking on the Common Entrance Test by UGC, the NISA President said that this will encourage coaching and increase the inequality between poor and rich parents because children of poor parents have suffered a lot in studies during Covid circumstances, That’s why the government should not implement this test this year.


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