8 December 2017

DIVYA AZAD                        

In world of astrology and religious there is one name is become lime lite now days. the astrologer named Ritu Singh specially she is quite famous in Indian Film Industry as well Corporate world. she urn lot of Fan following in India, Dubai, Singapore, Thailand, America etc. in social with more than 50,000 Followers she is very much ahead of other people from Astrology world, Including Film actor Zaid Shekh, Sweetyu Walia, Vishal Omprakash, Manoj Bhatiya, Mushtaq Khan in Mumbai Film Industry having her lot of Fan. 

Famous Director Manoj Agarwal said that Ritu Singh is very humble & intelligent personality when she properly listen  you than she able to tell you everything infect that also which you never share with your life partner also. 

Fashion Designer Niharika Singh said for her she is more than like a family member she truly share everything with her for batter solution. 

The BJP Leader & Educationist Dr. Rameshwar Chaudhry was very exiting when he said about Ritu Singh he said that her knowledge of Astrology is fabulous and she tell you accurate about yourself as well as your career. 

Ritu Singh is belongs from Varanasi and now days she is staying in Noida she keep learning about Astrology and find more for her knowledge in Adhyatma time by time she predict lot for Social, Political & Entertainment world.


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