First International MUN from October 22-24



17 October 2021


Model United Nations, MUN is a repository where students polish their diplomacy, international relations and presentation of arguments skills in a simulated United Nations setting. The John’s MUN 2021’ – An international level MUN conference is being held virtually from Oct 22-24. The MUN is being organised by St. John’s Old Boys Association, SJOBA in collaboration with Silver Fern Education Consultants & Canada’s University of Windsor.

“We at Silver Fern are taking care of all the logistics & coordination of the mega event. ‘University Living’ is also lending a helping hand to the MUN. Young students from Class X, XI, XII and even first year college of tricity can register for the mega event by logging onto” Said Shivam Garg, COO, Silver Fern.

‘Libertas perfundet omnia luce’ is the motto of The John’s MUN which means that ‘freedom spreads the light over everyone’, in an allusion to the freedom that thought and judgment bestows on human beings.

“This initiative will see participation of 50 students from St. John’s High School and many more from different schools and colleges of tricity. The event will provide a global level exposure to tricity students as there is an expected  participation of about 250-300 students internationally.” Said  Almasto Kapoor, CEO, Silver Fern.

Silver Fern and SJOBA are taking this MUN a step further with involvement of University of Windsor’s faculty in the 3 day online event. University of Windsor’s accomplished faculty would personally grace each discussion panel with their presence which will help tricity’s students hone their skills of international diplomacy.

At the MUN, students will represent various countries and put across their country’s points as delegates. Students will be awarded with certificates from the University of Windsor and SJOBA. The MUN is slated to provide a platform to students to exhibit their research, oration and debating skills, writing ability in addition to their prowess in leadership.

It is noteworthy that Silver Fern Education Consultants is an overseas educational recruitment company guiding students with their admissions at universities in countries like US, UK,Germany, Australia, Canada etc. The University of Windsor has a long history of excellence in Canadian education. With over 200 accredited undergraduate, graduate and PhD programs. ‘University Living’ is a global student housing marketplace that helps international students find the best place to stay near university campuses around the world.


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