13 October 2023


Amity University Punjab, a renowned institution committed to academic excellence and holistic development, hosted a ‘Fresher’s Party’ to welcome its incoming students. The event, titled ‘Amity’s Got Talent’ allowed the fresher’s batch of 2023 to exhibit their diverse talents across a wide spectrum of genres. The celebration brought together a unique fusion of creativity and entertainment.

The highlight of the evening was the crowning of Mr. and Ms. Amity Fresher, an honour eagerly anticipated by every fresher. Mansehaj from the MCA program was awarded the title of Mr. Amity Fresher, while Ekam from B Tech CSE was crowned with the prestigious title of Ms. Amity Fresher. Several other titles were also awarded to recognize outstanding performers and talents among the fresher’s batch.

The grand fresher’s event saw the presence of distinguished dignitaries including the esteemed Vice Chancellor of Amity University Punjab Prof. RK Kohli, and the Country Head of Amity Education Group, Dr. Preeti Sahani, Deans, Dr. Shivali Dhingra, Dr. Chanderdeep Tandon, Dr. Neerja Babbar, and Dr. Jaspreet Kaur Majithia along with the Director of Business Development and Marketing, Mr. Sahil Kapoor.

“’Amity’s Got Talent’ showcased the remarkable abilities of the incoming batch, with participants competing in various domains including Quiz, Debate, Extempore, Ideathon, Photography, Gaming, Sketching, Painting, Dance, Music, and Fashion. The event was a testament to the exceptional skills and creativity that students possess at Amity University Punjab,” said Vice Chancellor Prof RK Kohli.

The event featured captivating cultural dance performances, enthralling band acts, soul-stirring music performances, and a stunning fashion show. The audience was spellbound by the extraordinary talent showcased by the participants, a testament to the remarkable creativity that thrives within the university. The celebration culminated with a DJ party featuring the electrifying DJ V Sky. Students from all backgrounds joined in the festivities, grooving to the pulsating beats of DJ V Sky and enjoying the electrifying atmosphere.


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