24 August 2023


Zenzo, the leading provider of holistic and reliable pre-hospital care to patients, is all set to transform emergency medical service with its fleet of advanced 5G-enabled ambulances. The Ambulances are Equipped with advanced life-saving equipment and 5G connectivity, this groundbreaking technology ushers in a new era of real-time data transmission, patient monitoring and top-tier emergency medical care emergency through its advanced ambulances. The first ever 5G enabled Ambulances was launched by Chief Guest, Adv. Rahul Narwekar – Honourable Speaker of Maharashtra legislative Assembly. The event was marked by key healthcare industry veterans like Dr. Nitin Jagasia (Head – Emergency Medical Services, Apollo Hospital – Navi Mumbai)and Dr Parag Rindani (Chief Executive Officer, Wockhardt Hospitals Ltd.

Zenzo’s 5G-enabled ambulances are well designed for the attainment of required necessities that include rising demands for rapid and potent emergency medical services. These ambulances are aimed to provide avant medical care on the move, enabling prompt treatment during transit for enhanced patient outcomes, especially during pressing situations with timely interventions. The technology enabler was TATA Communications which created a platform for integrating multiple medical equipment and the connectivity enables seamless data transmission, allowing experts to access critical information, diagnostics and medical records in real-time. 

The 5G-enabled ambulances are equipped with major life-saving equipment including ventilators, defibrillators, ECG machines, multipara patient monitors, syringe pumps, and digital stethoscopes to deliver comprehensive and life-saving emergency care while en route to medical facilities.
The 5G-enabled ambulances are well furnished with high-tech equipment for constantly monitoring the patient’s vitals for immediate diagnosis and connecting with remote medical experts via video conferencing. The connectivity enables seamless data transmission, allowing experts to access critical information, diagnostics and medical records in real-time

“At Zenzo, we are committed to redefining emergency medical care and are taking a huge step towards providing advanced medical care on the go with our advanced 5G-enabled ambulances. Technology is playing a pivotal role in healthcare. By leveraging the power of 5G connectivity, we are empowering our medical teams to deliver real-time emergency medical care and monitoring patients enabling hospital to take proactive diagnosis and treatment plan. The 5G-enabled ambulances will be a game changer in the field of healthcare,” said Shaffi Mather, Founder.

The 5G-enabled ambulances foster seamless collaboration among healthcare professionals from different disciplines, ensuring better care. Paramedics can get remote guidance from doctors for essential procedures. Further, by leveraging the Golden Hour, the critical period for beginning treatment, especially in the case of Cardiac patients, Zenzo’s 5G ambulance ensures better treatment outcomes through timely care and interventions. The use of technology also enables pre-arrival emergency room support for patients at hospitals.

Sweta Mangal, Director, Zenzo, said, “We’re very enthusiastic to start this emergency pre-hospital care service. To make sure our service is prompt and seamless for the user, we also have the Zenzo App with which customers can book our services within seconds. They can book such services as Basic, Cardiac, 5G, Air or Train Ambulance and get timely medical help. We aim to make Zenzo a ‘One-Stop Medical Concierge’ for holistic healthcare for corporates that include Ambulance at Site, Wellness at Workplace, Tele-health Services for Employees, Medical Rooms, Doctors on Site, Preventive Health Checkups and Occupational Health Centres, among others.

Zenzo assures reliable and widespread coverage, ensuring prompt and professional medical assistance as a trusted lifesaver, anytime, anywhere in India.


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