It’s not a new thing for me to hear from anyone, I at least get 2-3 suggestions per day from people about my body needing to lose weight. There are different types of people who have some out of the way suggestions for me. Sometimes it seems their only aim in life is to get me slim and that is why they were put on earth. I know it sounds funny but you guys should just hear those giving suggestions when I am not even paying attention to half of their things.
I shall not be sharing each and every incident with you guys bit I would like highlight the one I recently encountered. Just 2 days ago when I was coming back from a Press Conference, I decided to take Uber Cab just to reach safe home. I would like to also tell you guys that I am using Uber Cab service from past 1 year on regular basis. I have never encountered such a driver who just kept on irritating me with his stupid talks.
Well I would not say all are irritating as I met many nice drivers on my Uber Journey. But I guess this one was particularly disturbed or what, God knows. The moment I sat in the Cab he started asking questions and talking stupid things which obviously no one will be interested to hear. Still I responded thinking he is talking in general. I was so busy in sending official mails still he didn’t stop speaking. And when he found me not responding much on his useless things, he passed a comment on my weight. As he was a sardar ji, in Punjabi he said “Shareer bohot bhaari kareya hoya ae tusi” adding “ghatt kar leyo nahi tan agge ja ke bimariyan lag janiyan”. I don’t understand why people are so bothered about my Future and doesn’t let me survive in present???
Well I did not say anything and started calling a senior regarding work. He noticed that I did not give any reply and then quoted “Gussa bhi na kar jayio meri gall da tusi”. And I was just least interested what he was saying or thinking. And when he kept on commenting on my weight, I was forced to reply him. I said, “Main bachpan se hi moti hun aur koi farak nahi padhta mujhe”. He replied, “Fer vi tuhanu agge sa bimariyan lag janiyan, shareer halka hi change lagda ae, tusi savere uth k kasrat kareya karo.”
He was just not getting my point that I am not interested in what he is telling me and in a pissed off voice I replied that I don’t get time to do all this. Still he did not get it and kept on giving his stupid suggestions, “Apni sehat de layi karna hi painda hai, main vi savere uth ke kasarat karda aan. Tusi vi thodi mehnat karo savere uthan di te time nikal k kasarat karann di.” By this time I was pretty sure that how dumb he was. He was not getting the point that I am just not interested and happy with my Body the way it look. So I did not say anything further.

The only thing I don’t understand is why people don’t get that Being Fat or a Plus Size person doesn’t mean you are unhealthy. “Mote hone ka matlab yeh nahi hota ki hum bimar hain ya humein bimariyan lagne wali hain.” Plus Size person can be more healthy than even a slim person, it all depends upon your lifestyle.
Stop caring about our future and let all Plus Size people live peacefully in present by not giving your useless suggestions to lose weight. And I would also highlight the last line he told me while I was getting out of the car, “5 star Rating de deyo ji, je tuhanu meriyan gallan changiyan lagiyan”. Like Really??????

-Divya Azad

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