4 March 2021


In a first, Chitkara International School has marked its 10th annual event titled ‘Mosaic Being Arty’ on a virtual streaming platform. With over 8000 live stream viewers, the said digital celebration is believed to have presented an interesting way of observing schools’ yearly-held events amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. By dint of the unique event, the school has also become the first-ever in the region to organise its annual function live on an online platform.

The annual event, which was materialised after arduous preparations and several trial-runs by the school’s event management team (in line with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Goal no 4 ; Quality Education), exhibited the significance of various forms and periods of art such as Renaissance, Contemporary, Neoclassicism, Cubism, Impressionism, etc through comical acts, dance performances and singing shows. For the same, a total of 1800 students were divided into different cohorts, and trained digitally by the school’s dance instructors and other staff members. Previously, the school had also administered relevant online prop-making sessions for the students to enable them to make their own props at home for the function.

Consequently, one of the most prominent aspects of the event was the simultaneous dance performances of about 40 to 50 students at a given period of time, which rendered it the title of a ‘Live Production Show’. Additionally, the art-based information and comic relief provided by the quirky characters of ‘Bade Miyan’ and his lively sidekick ‘Jhumki’ added a tinge of humour and extra oomph to the distinctive function. Various art-based awards and titles viz. ‘Best Impressionist Award’, ‘Best Abstract Art Award’, and ‘Father of Modern Warli Art’ were further bestowed upon the world’s most renowned artists like Pablo Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, Antonio Canova, Claude Monet, and Jivya Soma Mashay who were wonderfully brought to life by the talented students of the school. The event culminated with the presentation of beauteous artworks of the said artists that eventually amalgamated to form the school’s picturesque mosaic.

In her follow-up remarks on the grand success of the school’s first-ever virtual annual function, the school’s erudite Principal, Dr. Niyati Chitkara said, “Art is known to transcend all boundaries, cross all divides and allow self-expression in the most authentic manner. Our aim to theme the school’s 10th annual function as ‘Mosaic Being Arty’ was thus to enable students to explore their creative sides and thereby their true potential. We stand truly contented by the outcome of this wonderful endeavour, which shall forever stay close to our hearts.”


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