28 July 2023


“Ayurveda aims at treating the root cause of the disease. Ayurvedic diagnosis involves careful observation, testing, and understanding of the underlying imbalances in the body. Only a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner can accurately diagnose a patient’s condition and identify the root cause of any health problem, ” said Acharya Swami Rajeshwaranand, the founder of Arihant Science of Life, a well-known pioneer of Ayurveda, during a press conference held at the ancient Gugga Madi Temple, in Sector 36 here.

He cautioned that Ayurvedic medicines should be taken only after consulting a qualified Ayurveda doctor. “Only an experienced Ayurvedacharya can cure kidney, liver, and heart diseases,” he added.

Discussing the advantages of Ayurveda in comparison to the other medicinal systems and how it works, Acharya Swami Rajeshwaranand said that first of all, it is necessary to know what Ayurveda is. Ayurveda means the science of life. If we talk about a few medical sciences, then some are 200 years old, and some are 400 years old, but Ayurveda has been there since the time mankind existed. It would not be right to say that Ayurveda has been present since the last 5000 years, as evidence proves that it is millions of years old, because whenever someone was ill in those times, it was Ayurveda only that was used for treatment. He said that treatment with Ayurveda is very effective. Allopathy has not been able to cure any disease, be it diabetes or arthritis. According to Acharya Swami Rajeshwaranand, these medicines are either pain-relievers or they contain some or the other drowsiness-causing substance. He said further that If we take any such medicine, it leaves some or other side effects in the body.

Acharya Swami Rajeshwaranand said that Ayurveda is an ancient holistic healing system. Each person’s constitution is different and unique. Unlike some modern medical systems that often focus only on treating symptoms, Ayurveda places significant emphasis on preventive healthcare. Ayurveda emphasizes on regular cleansing and detoxification to remove accumulated toxins from the body.

Acharya Swami Rajeshwaranand explained that the effectiveness and speed of Ayurvedic treatment in chronic health issues can vary due to a number of factors, such as the severity and complexity of the condition, the individual’s overall health, compliance with the treatment plan, and the expertise of the Ayurvedic practitioner. The role of diet in Ayurvedic treatment is very important as it is considered one of the fundamental pillars of health and wellness. In Ayurveda, food is viewed not just as a source of nutrition but as a powerful medicine that can affect the body, mind, and spirit. “A balanced and proper diet plays an important role in maintaining health, preventing diseases, and supporting the body’s natural healing processes,” said Acharya Swami Rajeshwaranand.

He said that the disease should be treated only by an expert Ayurvedic doctor because a doctor understands the nature of the patient and treats it accordingly. Medicine should not be taken without a doctor’s consultation.

Summing up, Acharya Swami Rajeshwaranand said, “Even if there is liver failure, heart blockage, asthma, or any kind of incurable disease, then also, treatment is possible. But this is possible only with the deep knowledge of Ayurveda.”


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