13 September 2022

Dr Abhishek Kapila, Medical Officer, Sector-26 Police hospital gave a lecture on BASIC FIRST AID and POST COVID AWARENESS at St. Anne’s Convent School. He is an alumni of St. Anne’s. He was invited by Principal Sr. Jessy Augustine to give lecture to students and teachers.

Dr Abhishek highlighted that many kids are not able to concentrate post covid and some don’t even like to come to schools. Many times they are irritated also. He provided a solution that it is very important that group discussions are held for students where they talk to each other, teachers and feel a part of groups. He said it will help them making more friends on deeper level. Apart from this, school counsellors can also be very helpful. Students must be motivated to do meditation, yoga and exercise everyday.

Principal said that the lecture was very helpful. We are proud that our old student is a Successful Doctor now. We will definitely incorporate steps told by Dr. Abhishek in our school.


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