MCM girls learn how to crack civil services

Photo By Vinay Kumar


11 April 2017


MCM DAV College for Women has, over a period of time, earned the reputation of being the cradle of success for young discerning women. This is evident from the long list of achievers who have carved a niche for themselves in varied fields including the prestigious civil services. Inspired by the words of Alexander Graham Bell that before anything else, preparation is the key to success, MCM lays special emphasis on preparing the students right from the beginning for setting their sights on higher goals in life. It is with this aim that the college organised a seminar on ‘How to Crack Civil Services Examinations’. This insightful seminar was conducted by Success Guru Mr. A. K. Mishra who apprised the participants of the eligibility criteria for civil services exam, the qualities an ICS/IAS aspirant should possess, the scheme of the civil services exams, etc. Shedding light on the qualities that help in cracking the exam, Mr. Mishra said that planned studies, hard work, focus, inner motivation, strong willpower, positive approach, dedication and time management are what set the achievers apart. The young aspiring students enthusiastically participated in the seminar and found the informative tips highly beneficial.

MCM Principal Dr. Nisha Bhargava said that this seminar was a part of MCM’s endeavour to provide a direction to the young minds by helping them realise their potential and channelising their capabilites to achieve success in the highly competitive and coveted civil services exams.



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