16 April 2019
Today, the Ad Hoc Committee nominated unanimously in the General Body Meet of the Electronic Media of Tri City held at Chandigarh Press Club. More than 50 electronic media journalists from TRI City participated in the meeting and signed  primary membership of the  Electronic Media Welfare Association  that was formed in the Chandigarh Press Club today.   the members  nominated  for ad hoc committee are:
Ravinder Meet
Gurdeep benipal
Rajiv Taneja
Manoj Rathi
Neethika Maheshwari
Jaideep Rawat
Hardeep Virk
Jatinder sidhu
Harpreet Jassowal
Darshan Khokhar
Aman Preet
The purpose of the association will be
Cracking fake journalists, welfare of journalists in need, organizing courses to persuade new technology from time to time for new advancements and changes in modes of communication. Ravinder meet ,Dinesh Rathi ,Harpreet Jassowal ,Benipal thanked all present .


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