Bharitya Mazdoor Sangh: Protect jobs of ex servicemen employed on contract with forest department



7 October 2020


Bharitya Mazdoor Sangh in charge and a senior leader of workers, daily wagers and labourers Badri Prasad Kaushik, has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well as President of India and expressed his views on employment generation as well as safeguarding of jobs mainly those that are contractual in nature.  In his missive he also has tried to attract the attention of the PM and President on recruitment of new foresters and forest guards through an advertisement placed by Chandigarh’s  forest department recently.

Kaushik said, “There are a total of 8 ex servicemen who are employed for the last 6-8 years with the forest department in positions of foresters and forest guards. The jobs of these men who fought for our country today seem to be in jeopardy as they are still on contract and have not been regularised. But instead of focusing on this aspect the Chandigarh Administration is busy trying to kick start a recruitment drive in the department.”

Kaushik added, “I have requested honourable PM and President to stall the process of recruitment immediately as a mark of respect for the ex servicemen as they need to be regularised first. This should be  the priority – regularisation of ex servicemen and not hunting for new employees through expensive recruitment processes. First the 8 positions need to be regularised and only after this should any advertisement for recruitment be mulled. “

It is noteworthy that Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh has been raising the issue of regularisation of contractual employees working in different departments of Chandigarh Administration with the administration and even the country’s  home Minister on a continuous basis. Now the Sangh has taken up the issue with none other than the PM and President. Apart from these two the Sangh has also sent the letter to India’s Home Minister, Defence Minister, Environment Minister, Administrator(UT), Chandigarh’s MP and other important government functionaries & political leaders.

Kaushik summed up, “The ex servicemen need to be honoured for their sacrifices made to defend the country and the best way to do this is to regularise them in the forest department as well as other establishments of Chandigarh Administration.”


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