Imagine you visit a toy shop and you find a skinny teddy bear! You always love teddy bears which are chubby, fluffy, and soft. We all are set in one stereotype that women with a slim figure are only beautiful but this is not the truth. Woman who are plus size look much more cute and beautiful. It’s a fact that beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder, and it comes in all shapes and sizes. We can break the stereotypes of society and come out flaunting curves with confidence.

This is my story which inspires me because principle of life is to be who you are in fact and be positive always.

It all started from the small town of Jharkhand, named Jamtara. I have a family with a loving brother, a caring mother and a disciplined, strict but sweet father. From my childhood only, I love exploring. My father was in Army, so we use to travel various places. I am a jolly, enthusiastic and truthful, confident person. I hate lies and egos. When I was a teenager, I had a perfect slim figure and I was happy with it. I love wearing different dresses and trying out funky fashion. I got happily married with my husband, Swarup and we shifted to Delhi.

Then In the next month I got conceived. I was overjoyed. But with my pregnancy and thyroid problem I had put on lot of weight and at the time of my first delivery I got 20 kg overweight. Slowly my figure was getting heavier and I was not able to wear my favourite dresses. I had to wear those outfits which were out of fashion and also less attractive. I never had such circumstances in my life ever.

God gave such beautiful gift in the form of my daughter, but also some difficult situations. From childhood only, I was flexible and thin, but now it was totally opposite. You know that it is quite difficult to accept for a slimmer person that she or he had become fat. It was a shock for me.

I started wearing conventional outfits like saris and salvar suits. I really hated to wear them, but I had no choice. Slowly I started getting frustrated and depressed with my life. I am an Architect by profession, but I also left my career behind for my daughter and family. During  this tough time, my only support was my hubby Swarup. The rest of the society was busy doing discrimination like some people used to call me aunty in spite of the fact that they were of same age or might be older than me.

After few years, I gave birth to my younger daughter .This gave me a lot of happiness and joy but with this I gained much more weight than that I had earlier. My life was engaged with my two daughters and my husband. After some time I joined gym and yoga and lose 10 -12 kg weight, But still I was plus size. Above all situations I never gave up my positive attitude towards life and that’s why destiny gave me my 1st chance.  It was Diwali, and we had a society function, there was a fashion show in it. I participated in that show and I came third in my first try. I was not only happy, but I started to feel more confident and the beauty in me. Gradually Confidence grew in me. I started flaunting myself without any fear. This was the time when I had a positive change in me.

I started living my life again. I started wearing what I like without any hesitation. Now people stopped teasing me instead they started praising me for my confidence and truthfulness.

After few months I got an opportunity to participate in a fashion show organized by the famous salon chain named naturals, it was also one of my memorable life time experiences. I learned many new things and met new people. I didn’t secure any place but I was happy that in spite having a heavy figure, I got this chance.

Later, I found a link on Facebook about a fashion show for plus size ladies (MS plus size north India 2017). I just went for the  audition . When I came back home I had bundles of positive thinking and loads of confidence in me. I earned this from the auditions. I didn’t expect anything, but surprisingly I got selected and I was speechless. My family was also very happy for  my selection.

On 12 of may 2017 the finale happened and I got the most graceful title and I was on cloud 9. It was in fact a dream come true moment.

Now I am totally a changed person with lot of confidence, true happiness, style and very positive attitude towards life. Today I feel very much happy and proud to announce that I am also a model with my curvy figure. So always believe and love yourself. Always be positive and always love the way you are.

Srabantee Ghosh (bulbul), Most graceful title winner in Ms Plus Size North 2017









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