17 April 2019


An exclusive preview and formal unveiling of tricity’s latest offering to the oriental food circuit –‘Wasabi’ , was held at the city’s casual fine dining Pan Asian restaurant located in the Sec 7 market on Madhya Marg. ‘Wasabi’ is positioned as a “fusion pan Asian restaurant ” as it offers authentic cuisines from countries like China , Japan ,Thailand, Burma etc.

The interiors of the restaurant are enchanting. The walls have been done up in red themes and the ambience has an informal feel to it. The murals are attention getters and the restaurant has ensured a selection of peppy music, which creates a happy & pleasant outing for visitors.

The Chefs at Wasabi are adept at the oriental style of cooking using original ingredients. The dishes here retain their flavour and taste which certainly brings alive the cuisines from the Chinese, Japanese and Thai kitchens.

Traditional Thai soup, Chinese sour & pepper with 22 ingredients and Beijing sea food are highlights in the soups menu. However, the USP of Wasabi is the wide menu range of ‘Sushi’ -a Japanese dish of prepared vinegared rice, accompanying a variety of ingredients, such as raw sea fish. On offer are 18 types of ‘Sushi’s’. Though ‘Sushi’ is generally made with raw fish, Wasabi has a good number to tickle the palette of vegetarians too. What’s more, there are vegetarian Sushi Rolls also. In the non veg Sushi section ‘Kastu Chicken’, ‘Tuna Maki’ and ‘Smoked Salmon Nigri’ are truly delectable. The vegetarian section of ‘Sushi’s’ boasts of exotic preparations likeAsparagus, Radish, Cucumber, Carrot, Avocado with Wasabi Mayo. Sushi platters too are available for those who are looking for variety on their plate. With 20 types of dumplings, Wasabi is now the go to destination for food lovers. The ‘Rainbow Chicken dumplings’ are mouth watering and if you are keen to stick to vegetarian, one can opt for the ‘Vegetarian Crystal Dumplings.’

 The Tempuras – a Japanese dish consisting of seafood or vegetables that have been battered and deep fried are also tempting. The elaborate small bites Veg and Non Veg menu makes the food at Wasabi a hit. The dishes from the Wok  – which is one of the most common cooking utensils in East and South East Asian countries are mouth-watering.For those who would not like to go for a proper 3 course meal there are Signature Bowls which are hunger busters in themselves. An exotic signature dish is Thai spicy rice and Flavours of sea food. Spicy Bangkok bowl, Spicy Ramen bowl and the Chef’s special Coconut milk, burnt onion & garlic khowsuye are also must tries.Wasabi’s hand-made coconut ice cream and the Japanese Mochi ice cream are signature desserts.

Wasabi’s Founder Rajat Saini says, “Wasabi came about because of my desire to provide the region’s food aficionados who are well travelled and exposed to World cuisines, especially Asian food, an eating place where they could relish authentic preparations. Apart from Wasabi we have also re launched Fun Factory – the iconic kids’ entertainment destination in the premises housing Wasabi. Our location in Sec 7 is also known for being home to one of tricity’s most popular North Indian & Mughlai fine dining restaurants –Sultan. In its new avatar Sultan has a new open-air seating with breezy vibes. The latest addition to its menu is Middle Eastern cuisine and even a sumptuous desi pizza menu. Pizzas like the ‘Rajasthani Laal Maas’ topped Pizza’ are certainly one of their kind found only at Sultan. Our Galouti kebabs and Biryanis are must haves too.”


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